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Aug 29, 2020

Justin Farina is a high school Phy Ed teacher by trade as well as a high performance indoor rower with multiple podium finishes at the World and Virtual World Indoor Rowing Championships. Having found rowing through Cross-Fit, Justin's success and experience has come without any exposure to the on-the-water aspect of our sport. In this episode we explore Justin's journey in the sport and the unique perspective he brings as an earthbound high performance rower with zero exposure or experience with the on the water side of rowing.

Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction
00:07:02 Justin's Start with Coaching
00:08:14 Coaching with Clients for Remote Coaching
00:10:55 Connecting CrossFit Gyms with Rowing Professionals 
00:14:35 Comparing Training Methodologies
00:25:03 How to Incorporate HR Training 
00:30:30 How to Use Drag Factor Effectively
00:41:57 Relative Value of the Indoor Rower On and Off Slides
00:47:47 Unique Structure of Indoor Rowing Virtual Racing
00:52:17 Thoughs on Weight Classes in Rowing
00:53:40 GARAGEATHLETE Games
01:00:30 How to Connect with Justin and Travis